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Dog Training Tips – Basics on Puppy Training

Having a dog can be quite a pain if you don’t teach the dog to behave properly. Dogs are our greatest friends but when they exhibit there bad habits at times, it feels like you just brought a truck load of problems into your house. Therefore, it is ideal to give your dog a good training to ensure that you both could have fun and live in peace. I bet you, there habits can wear you down.

Before getting started, it is very essential to use a dog training collars in a responsible way. If you do not utilize it correctly, you could likely do harm to your household pet and this would be the real opposite of your goal.

So you’re thrilled to bits about your new little fur ball’s arrival, but there are two words you’ll need to keep in mind during his first two weeks in your home – Puppy Training. He’s a puppy and will in all probability, behave like one – chew your shoes, take a leak on your carpet, poop under the bed and leave food bits lying on the floor. Turning a blind eye to it and hoping he will behave eventually, is denial and will only result in a badly behaved adult dog that will end up in the shelter. So, buy a leash, a collar and put your best stern face on.

The first thing to remember with puppy training is that you’re dealing with well, a puppy; an emotionally overwhelming and irresistibly adorable animal that will put your stern face to the ultimate test. Also, you don’t want to dole out punishments as your puppy tends to feel insecure and disoriented in his new surrounding and needs all the love, warmth and security he can get. So a firm and simple ‘no’ to express displeasure will do.

Part of puppy training would be house and potty training. Your new puppy needs to get familiar with the house, which rooms are accessible and which ones are strictly forbidden. He also needs to know that it’s not okay to relieve himself inside the house. Puppies need a lot of naps and need to be taken out every two hours; especially after meals to relieve themselves. Within a couple of days, most puppies learn where they’re supposed to go if they want to take a leak and where to settle in when it’s bed time. And, those are two major parts of puppy training that can be easily achieved with an established routine.

Puppies need to fall into a routine – morning walks, feed time, play time, nap time; all need to happen at specific times of the day at least for the first couple of weeks if puppy training is to be successful. Once he learns to behave though, you’ll see that your efforts were not wasted.

Make sure you reward your little fur ball every time he learns what he’s taught and does the right thing. Puppies are suckers for love and affection and a little pat of approval and some cuddling is all they need to become the perfect companions we could ask for.

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Dog Training Tips – Potty Training a Dog

Having a pet dog can be quite a pain if you don’t educate the dog to behave the right way. Dogs are our best friends however when they display there nasty habits at times, it feels like you just brought a truck load of troubles into the house. So, it is relevant to give your pet dog an outstanding training to make sure that the two of you can have fun and live in peace. I bet you, there habits will wear you down.

Prior to getting started, it is absolutely vital to use a dog training collars in a respectful manner. If you do not utilize it properly, you may likely do harm to your household pet and this could be the real opposite of your objective.

When learning how to potty train a dog you must first realize that you have to be prepared to continue training your pet all the way through. You need to be committed. Also, you should have a leash and a designated area for going to the bathroom. It should only take about two weeks to have a routine established but if you are training a dog that already has bad habits it could take up to five or six weeks.

Make sure your puppy is completely healthy because urinary tract infections and parasites can prevent you from being able to house train your dog. The area that you choose should be outside and it doesn’t have to be somewhere too specific but it can be if you wish. When potty training a dog, your attitude and presence is perhaps the most important factor. You must be assertive and dominant. YOU are the leader of the pack, remember dogs are pack animals like wolves and they need a leader to follow. If you become that leader, they will constantly want your acceptance. Let your dog know when he/she does something wrong. Do not hit your dog! You can not be the source of pain, you just need to let him know you’re unhappy with him/her.

And the opposite side of the coin is also important. When your dog does the right thing and shows that he/she wants to please you, give it praise. Potty training [http://www.dog-training-review.net] is a great foundation for the rest of the training your dog will undergo in the future.

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